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If You Want to Stop 'Doing Time' — and Start Living

Introducing...The Freedom Club

My name is Curt Mercadante, and I’m an entrepreneur like you. 

I’ve tried. And failed. Won and lost.

I’ve suffered through anxiety and doubt and burnout.

But I rebounded to grow several successful businesses, including a $1 million-a-year marketing firm counseling some of the country’s largest corporations and non-profits. 

I’ve learned as much from my failures as my wins — and founded Gravina Coaching Systems so I could put that experience to work for you.

I’m a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, and I’ve coached a wide variety of clients, ranging from non-profit executives and marketing professionals to homeschool moms and political consultants. 

Who am I?

It's Time to Break Free

What We Offer

We offer personalized, strengths-based coaching to business professionals and teams looking to increase productivity, drive performance, and maximize growth. Our programs are built on the highly-regarded Clifton StrengthsFinder program.

The Freedom Club is designed for those high-level executives who want to break free and make a career change - or those entrepreneurs who want more freedom to work with the clients who leave them fulfilled.

The Freedom to Do What You Were Meant to Do

"I am grateful to Curt for both his tremendous ability to listen and for imparting his knowledge and experience in a way that provided me with a set of practical action steps to bring about new opportunities for me and my business."

John Pearman,


Delos Communications, Chicago, IL

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